What is the Narconon Fresh Start


DNarconon Fresh Startrug addiction is a difficult thing to overcome. Families everywhere struggle with it. Never, though, is the struggle more personal than when family is the one addiction touches - when it’s someone you love. Narconon Fresh Start takes all this and so much more into account. It’s a different approach to addiction treatment than you’ll find with traditional addiction treatment facilities. In fact, that’s why the Narconon Fresh Start program can claim a 76 percent success rate - because the program is different from others. But, what is it about this program that makes it so different and effective?

Requires Three Stages of Detoxification

While it’s difficult to claim that one part of the rehabilitation process is most important, complete and total detoxification of addiction from the body is absolutely necessary in order for any return to sobriety to last. No one wants to take a return trip back into the world of addiction. That’s why the Narconon Fresh Start program places so much emphasis on detox. What are the three stages?

  1. Drug Assisted Withdrawal - while the Narconon program prefers a drug-free withdrawal process, the dedicated and highly trained staff understand that medically assisted withdrawals are sometimes necessary. It is only when it is a necessity that this type of withdrawal is conducted in the Narconon rehab process however.
  2. Drug-free Withdrawal - Narconon centers prefer the drug-free withdrawal process because it begins removing impurities from the body faster than is the case in drug-assisted withdrawals.  The sooner the drugs are removed from the system completely, the sooner residents can move towards the process of full recovery.
  3. Narconon Fresh StartNew Life Detoxification Program - this is the most intense, and often difficult, part of the purification and detoxification process that’s practiced at Narconon rehabilitation centers. However, this total body purifications process is critical to the high success rate of the Narconon program. The program involves exercise, sauna treatments for sweating out toxins and impurities, and nutritional supplements to aid with drug and/or alcohol cravings, eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal, allow for clearer thinking, and provide increased energy and wellbeing.

Withdrawal and detoxifications are important first steps that everyone must take on their own road to recovery. The Narconon Fresh Start program provides one of the most intensive detox programs you’re likely to find today. With a 76 percent success rate, it’s hard to argue with the program’s effectiveness. But it’s also important to realize that this is only the beginning.

Beyond the detoxification process, there is another part of the Narconon Fresh Start Program that really sets it apart. That’s the education and training for life after addiction. Note, that it isn’t training people to live a life "with" addiction. Instead, it’s about how to live life once the addiction is gone and they are free from the chains that addiction often leaves behind. Perhaps that, really is the most important difference you’ll find with the Narconon Fresh Start program.